Updating the website

Posted by Jacqueline Thomas on 24th Aug 2020

Updating the website

What a strange year 2020 has been! Back in January myself and my colleague Keli were working flat out completing wedding stationery commissions ready for weddings happening this year and then the news about the outbreak in China started to seep through. By the beginning of February I said to Keli that we wouldn’t be taking any more orders now as I thought that most weddings were going to be cancelled.

So, at the beginning of March I shut all of my online shops as I wasn’t certain I’d be able to deliver anything as the postal services were likely to be reduced. After about 6 weeks I decided to open up just to simple orders than could be posted in a postbox.

Over the past few months I’ve had lots of time to work on gift ideas like note-cards, prints and notebooks and I’ve found they have kept me quite busy! I think perhaps people are sending more letters to each other or notes of thanks.

I hope you will support my shop and other small businesses adapting to the times!