New wedding stationery ideas

Posted by Jacqueline Thomas on 24th Aug 2020

New wedding stationery ideas

About 3 years ago we invested in a large powerful printer and cutting equipment so we could make long tri-folded concertina wedding invitations. These have been a huge success! I think our customers have liked having everything on one piece. I think they also like having a lot of space for maps and information.

As a child I really loved the Jolly Postman books. Do you know the ones I mean with things to fold out and envelopes with lettters inside? For a couple of years I’ve been trying to find a way of recreating them as wedding invitations. After months and months of testing I’ve finally come up with folded wedding posters that have an rsvp card attached to the inside.

As far as I can tell these posters are unique to Paper Willow. We are so proud of them! We think they look nice when tied with a tag. Because they are A3 it means we have lots of space for a big map and other graphics like illustrated timelines.

I hope you like them! I’m going to design lots more of them this year!